BNSF - Ship with BNSF

Ship with BNSF

Learn how easy it is to become a BNSF customer. We will show you how to get a rate, ship, track and manage your account by using our online tools.


Develop Rail Infrastructure

Are you expanding or developing a new rail-serviced facility? You can rely on BNSF experts to help guide you through all aspects of expanding or developing a new site.


Agriculture Products Move With BNSF

At BNSF, we know what matters to keep things moving for you. That's why we've made major investments in our railroad. We understand long-term success requires looking beyond the next harvest - or the next year.

Today our rail network is in the best shape it's ever been: even safer, with even more capacity and delivery options, so we can move your grain efficiently, safely and reliably. It's what millions of people are counting on us to do every day and it's why we keep things moving and in the future.


Energy Moves with BNSF

Whether it’s coal used by power plants for electricity generation, crude oil produced in the Bakken Region or Permian Basin, or wind components that produce renewable power, BNSF makes the moves that help our economy to generate energy.


Consumer Products Move with BNSF

Whether it’s refrigerators, washing machines, mobile devices, or the latest apparel styles, it probably experienced a ride on the rails before delighting its new owner. See how BNSF can help you delight consumers with the fabulous products you are trying to get to market.


Industrial Products Move with BNSF

You are building roads and bridges, homes and apartment buildings. You are helping make the U.S. energy independent and keeping our communities' water supplies safe. You are the manufactures of the world. See how BNSF can help you make your supply chain safe, reliable and efficient so you can keep doing what’s important.


Intermodal Shipments Move with BNSF

From our beginnings in 1849 with a 12-mile long stretch of railroad, we’ve built the world’s fastest and largest intermodal network, which annually handles more than five million intermodal containers and more than one million more containers than our nearest competitor. We have the ingenuity and adaptability to help our customers succeed, operating 24/7 to keep their products and supply chains moving.